Nassim Park Residences

Project Scope

  • Interior Design with 3D Renderings

    Enable clients to see what they would be receiving with actual finishings, furniture and furnishings.

  • Design Overview

    Working along with various local and overseas suppliers, movers and specialists to complete a luxury yet comfortable home, ready for stay.

  • Materials Selection

    Shortlist and finalising of premium materials and finishings from reliable, trustworthy brands of suppliers.

  • Lighting

    A subtle yet soothing gallery lighting was well-planned and executed with the trendiest lighting devices.

  • Hacking

    Kitchen was given a new layout with gas and water pipes change. Living and Dining areas were given new floors.

  • Moving In

    Extending our services to cover the moving in of new and existing items of our customers – both within Singapore and from overseas.

  • Floor-to-Wall Styling

    From rugs, wall arts to mirrors, every detail that required our creative eye was not overlooked.

  • Landscaping

    Landscaping for poolside and balcony were carefully planned to provide privacy and a sense of luxury with easy maintenance,

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