Hundred Palms Condominium

Review from our satisfied client

"We cannot thank the team more for the amazing design, co-ordination and detailed completion of this renovation. We love the design solutions that Nicole has proposed to modernise our lifestyle.

She also took the time to advise us on what antique furniture we were able to inherit from our parents to integrate into our new home. Something new, something old, really neat!

Everyone on the team made sure every requirement was met, even those we did not think of. I recalled Nicole asking me if both of us were right or left handed so that they can do up a better electrical planning. We found out after moving in that such a small but important detail to maximise what we have without the clutter of wires had made our place so much more tidy. Being the left-handed one, I was very happy that my dresser is so organised now without the wires from my beauty equipment.

~ By Andrea and Jeff

Review from our satisfied client

"We also very grateful to the team. You see, just when we've confirmed the design of our first home, and the contracting works to start next week, Singapore government made an announcement for our lockdown due to Covid-19! The team moved swiftly to make the necessary applications to the authority for us to proceed. Without much idea what would be best, Nicole still kept us informed every step of the way! We believe the collective efforts of folks like them finally enabled renovation works to start but with heavy restriction.

Being newly-weds, we were staying with our elderly parents whilst eager to move in to our new home and start our own family asap. But the pandemic ended up putting our elderly parents at risk as we return home from our frontline medical work every day.

It was an absolute ticking bomb nightmare! So when we were given the approval to start our renovation works, it was a huge, ginormous relief! During those grim days, the positive attitude and compliant planning of the team gave us hope, with knowing that the moving in is a visible target that we can plan for.

~ By Andrea and Jeff

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