Our Team about this project:

"Our first project at the turn of the COVID-19's circuit breaker lockdown made a deep impression in our journey. With both our clients as frontline workers, we were inspired to ensure they could move in without much delay despite the cease work order. In order to help them remove the risk of exposing their aged parents whom they were staying with during renovation, we discover the solution of submitting our appeal to the relevant authorities for approval to start work. The industry's collective effects was both a confident booster and how our society can be as relentless as our community."

Thank you, Jeff and Andrea for entrusting your home to us.

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Loft 33

The most fulfilling part of this dual-key project was taking in all the design consideration for her aged mother as well as the vibrant side of our client's personality. The bonus was to make this space work so that they are able to rent out the other section and be closer to reaching their lifestyle goals.


An investment couple at heart, our clients were clear that this home has to be timeless in design and durable in quality with clever space planning. The final outcome was a design-and-build that achieved what they have wanted plus an advantage should they intend to sell their home after five years of blissfulness in their first penthouse.

Nassim Park Residences

The unique characteristics of this client made us want to deliver the best for their Singapore home! Not only did we managed to re-orientate the entire kitchen and study areas to make sense, we had the chance to complete the entire outdoor landscaping which not only create a second living room and bring nature in, but also provide the privacy they have asked for.

WaterWay Point

With the intention to use her home for business soon, our client wanted a home that would allow her to create content, work, relax and entertain sometimes all at once! More importantly, to have surprisingly ample hidden storage for what's to come.

Daisy Avenue

One of the most keen-eyed clients that we have had the pleasure of designing and styling for, right to the very last detail. It was an incredible journey which was a great balance of client-designer partnership as well as embracing our design proposal.