Property Staging 2020: Your home deserves its moment. Property staging is pivotal for property marketing.

Property Staging in Singapore 2020: Your home deserves its moment

Yes, all homes and investment properties
deserved to be dressed up before
they are put on the market.

Homeowners, landlords and real estate agents are recognising the functional and inspirational values of the property or home staging, beyond the old trend of furniture rental. Why has this trend suddenly struck interest within the market? Much has to do with the great supply glut, which prompted many to desire for their properties to stand out and explore ways to sell or rent out their properties without dropping their asking price. What property staging could potentially achieve is to make the difference between a profit or a loss, or a vacancy versus a rented-out property.

For us, the power of well-staged property can be quantified in two big ways – beautifully executed photographs for listings on the various property portals and first impressions for prospective buyers and tenants during the open house. The wonderful connections brought about for its viewers can be priceless. When a well-staged property acquires memorable recalls and becomes an integral part of the decision-making discussions before an offer is made, we know we have performed a successful staging.

The thing with property staging is, if you do not do it, you are essentially allowing someone else’s home to look better. In our challenging property market, property staging is what could set your property apart from its direct and relative competition. This would help you command a higher bid price as well as close at a faster rate. Hiring professionals to get your property ready for the market could more than compensate for any effort on your part, in terms of time and money.

The other obvious truth is that empty homes are usually difficult to sell, primarily because it is difficult for prospective buyers and tenants to visualise how the place would look with furniture and home accessories. Simply filling the property with pieces of furniture might suffice for certain houses. But what we rightfully analysed is with high-quality furniture and home accessories, – coupled with impeccable interior styling – a more impactful outcome reveals itself.

In a nutshell, property staging refers to the act of sprucing up a home and making it more desirable for prospective buyers and tenants. While property or home staging was not huge when we first wrote about it back in 2017, homeowners, landlords and their real estate agents are increasingly engaging it as one of the pivotal property market strategies.

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