Reviews from our satisfied homeowners

  • Thanks to the most talented and amazing Nicole, HuggyHomey staged my home for rental, & it was off the market in a record time! The home was rented in under 4 weeks, and in that record time, saw over 50 requests, 22 viewings, and many lucrative offers!

    Nicole’s staging transformed the home and peaked significant traffic and interest. In addition, the service, support and ideas which Nicole provided was invaluable, she went above and beyond to recommend an agent as well. I simply wish I had met Nicole sooner!
    I highly recommended Nicole and her team to anyone who needs an interior designer or decorator, for a new house, boat, office, holiday homes, home staging, furniture rental, real estate companies staging for rental showrooms…the list goes on! I’m so impressed and in admiration of Nicole’s gift in art and design, balanced with a touch of luxury - truly a rare combination.
    To top it all, Nicole is a consummate professional, patient and supportive, responsive, efficient and reliable - she is a rare gem! Thank you so much, Nicole and HuggyHomey!
    Dominic, Homeowner @ Gilstead Brooks
  • I have used HuggyHomey twice, once to complete the staging of our large condo which was then sold very quickly and the second time to help design the layout and furniture for our new property in another country.

    I found the attention to detail, considerations, advice on where to invest very valuable and saved us a lot of unnecessary efforts and enabled the focus on things that added real value. The investment in doing things the right way paid for itself and returned much more value than we anticipated.

    The team were fast, efficient and made the experience a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I would highly recommend them anytime!
    Rachael and Doug Straiton, Homeowner @ Mount Faber Lodge
  • I’d like to especially thank Nicole for her patient and excellent advice, guidance, exquisite taste and attention to detail, and for all the effort she put into staging my home for rental - there was no question to small, or no problem too big, which Nicole gently and capably managed.
    From sorting out potential design flaws in the home and using her training in art and design, Nicole ensured that the end product was as stunning as any high end 6-star hotel suite! Everything was stunning - the beautiful pieces were all perfectly themed - Nicole made my old, tired terrace cluster house come to life and elevated its appeal. Many potential tenants who viewed the home were in awe of not only how the space made them feel welcome, but it also gave them a chance to visualise how to potentially use the space in the house, often complementing on the luxury of the staging.

    In my personal experience, rarely have I ever found a home staging company so flexible, and with truly high standards. Nicole’s high standards are also seen in all her final touches, going above and beyond to offer her clients a truly “wow” experience, including the furniture and furnishings, and also many beautiful corals, bell jars with petals, and well paired flower vase - every little detail was elegantly understated and perfectly matched.

    Renita, Homeowner @ Gilstead Brooks
  • I contacted 3 different home stagers. Nicole from HuggyHomey was the only one who made the effort to visit my unit. And it was only HuggyHomey that could confirm with me the exact furnishings that they would be using. The other 2 stagers have told me that what I would be getting would depends on what stock they had at that moment.
    From there it was a no brainer. There was no way that I am going to pay for some rojak or leftover furnishings that was available. I cannot leave anything to chance and I had to make sure that I am getting the BEST and most SUITABLE MATCHING furnishings in order to beautify my unit to the max.
    The curator Nicole is a perfectionist and has an eye for detail. She insisted on coming over to my unit personally (again) to oversee everything on the actual move in day of the staging stuff. She adjusted almost every piece of furniture and accessories to make sure they were EXACTLY where she wanted them to be.

    HuggyHomey charges slightly more than the other 2 stagers that I have enquired with but they are worth every dollar that you pay for. Guess what? My unit found a buyer on what is traditionally a slow month for property sales - the 1st week of the Chinese ghost month.

    Richard Seow, Homeowner @ Serangoon North
  • We love what Nicole and her team did to stage our property.

    We sold the property in 2 weeks after staging and this is after the property has been in the market for 3 months. The viewing we have in 2 weeks after the staging was more than the 3 months put together.

    We will really recommend staging to give your property the right feel.
    Jovi Ong, Homeowner @ Changi Rise
  • I would totally 100% recommend HuggyHomey to anyone looking for home staging and interior design services.

    Nicole is very knowledgeable in her field and she could tell you many good things about how she felt about your house and armed with this information, she could enhance and blend the the home staging furniture with the existing fixtures. She turned my house into a beautiful showflat!

    I showed the listing to my friends and everyone was "wowed" by it. One might almost forget my unit is on a low floor. All the viewers who viewed the flat had very good impressions of my unit!

    I had even real estate agents asking for HuggyHomey's contact! My agent even showed me the high number of impressions on my unit thanks to Nicole and her team!
    Keep up the good work!
    Sara Low, Homeowner @ Bishan
  • Would highly recommend HuggyHomey to anyone who wants to stage their property for sale. Nicole is very knowledgeable in her field of expertise. She is also extremely helpful especially during the pre-home staging phase –willingly offers tips and perspectives on how to enhance the look through the choice of colour, type of curtains, furnishing and so on. On the day of staging the house, she was personally on site to see to every minor details to ensure the end result looks amazing. A house totally transformed from ordinary looking to a show flat.

    We managed to sell our home right before the new set of housing measures was announced. Engaging HuggyHomey was the right choice as our house “makeover” through the staging services and inputs by Nicole & her team managed to generate interest right on the day when our house was put on the market. Though our asking price was higher than the market price in our area, there were still qualified interests to view the house every week which eventually ended up with a serious counteroffer in 1.5 months.

    Kudos to Nicole and her team for the amazing transformation to our home and be able to sell it at the right time.
    Stephen Chew, Homeowner @ Strathmore Avenue
  • What a difference a day and HuggyHomey makes! Our home was renovated 10 years before it was rented out. Alas, it saw much deterioration in the last 3 years. We were perplexed as to how to place our unit competitively for sale. However, just a call led us to HuggyHomey who gave our matrimonial home the boost it needed to be back in the game.

    Our large master bedroom combined with the common room had always been our worry as many agents had always warned us that the wall needed to be reinstated. Nicole assured us otherwise and restyled the room to create a multi-purpose room that presented new possibilities for the prospective families. Something we never have thought of.

    Viewing enquiries soon flooded our agent. Shortly after, our agent was very proud to surprise us with a record offer for our area that we couldn’t resist and the buyer paid full cash.

    The staging only took a day but what a difference it made. It did justice to our first home and closed a chapter for us as we embarked on a new one. Thank you to the folks at HuggyHomey!
    Mrs Lee, Homeowner @ Clementi Avenue
  • Nicole and her team were professional, very responsive, and thoughtful throughout the duration of the engagement. Initially we were skeptical about spending a not-so-small amount of money for "just" furniture staging. However, we were pleasantly surprised with the aptitude of the team and the end result. The investment in the staging paid off, as after uploading the professional photos taken, we received several requests for viewing.

    The first tenant who viewed the apartment was so surprised that they double checked if the apartment was not just a show flat unit and was indeed the actual apartment for rent. They immediately put the offer to rent the very next day and, to secure the place, they offered an even higher rent! The tenant was so keen to move in quickly, that we had to cut short the 1-month staging period to accommodate the move-in date (a happy problem which we welcomed).

    The staging and keen eye for detail and design helped us and potential tenants to visualise the space and better imagine living in and interacting with the apartment. We firmly believe that the staging brought out the best potential in the space and was instrumental in our ability to rent out the apartment, with good yield, in the middle of a pandemic. Overall, we would highly recommend HuggyHomey's services. Thanks Nicole and team! Was a pleasure to work with you all.
    Cheryl Ann Lee, Homeowner @ Kandis Residence
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We make your home irresistible with our home staging so that you can sell it quicker and sell it higher
We make your home irresistible with our home staging so that you can sell it quicker and sell it higher
We make your home irresistible with our home staging so that you can sell it quicker and sell it higher
We make your home irresistible with our home staging so that you can sell it quicker and sell it higher

We make your home irresistible so that you can sell it quicker and sell it higher.

We’re Home Stagers. We help you sell your property faster and at a higher price. We do this by making your home look like something out of an upmarket interior design magazine. We make it alluring, appealing and stylish. We transform your property from a well-lived-in space to a glamorous dream home – with the potential that the buyers value the option to buy over our staging sets.

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Reviews from our satisfied realtors

  • "A big thank you to Nicole and team for the awesome job done in staging my property for sale. Similar listings have taken more than 6 months to sell but I sold mine in 11 days. The team was extremely professional, the entire process flowed seamlessly from delivery of furniture to the set up of the staging.

    I choose HuggyHomey out of other staging companies for their taste in aesthetics, good quality in staging and I'm so glad to have enjoyed a 5 star experience. Don't waste your money with cheap stagers, 一分钱一分货. Sharing this review as a realtor of 13 years cum property home owner."

    Grace Cheong, PropNex Realty Pte Ltd
  • "HuggyHomey has provided excellent property staging service; this is all inclusive from furniture recommendation, room layout, and colour selection, comprehensive and complete from idea to implementation. I have found the work and ideas to be creative as well as beautiful.
    Accomplished with colour and savvy in their property staging designs, they strive to satisfy and do just so!

    Their keen eye and expert design sense is beyond compare. Plus such a fun team to work with as well as being true professionals. I would not hesitate in recommending HuggyHomey as an extremely reliable, talented designers."

    Jackie Chew, The SRI Collective
  • Transforming Spaces with Expertise and Care. Their exceptional services not only met but exceeded my expectations in every way possible. What struck me most was their impeccable attention to detail. They had an incredible knack for understanding the unique personality of the apartment and the potential it held. It was evident that they took the time to listen to craft a vision for the space, and then skilfully translated this into a beautifully staged setting that left me in awe.

    The transformation was nothing short of remarkable. The carefully chosen furniture pieces, decor accents, and expertly curated layouts breathed new life into every room. Walking through the place post-staging, I couldn't believe the difference — each corner felt inviting, spacious, and radiated a warmth that I believe played a significant role in attracting potential buyers. Beyond their creative prowess, the team at HuggyHomey radiated professionalism and genuine care. They communicated transparently throughout the process, ensuring I was involved in decisions while offering their expert advice. This collaboration truly made me feel like a valued partner in the project.

    But the real magic happened during the open house and subsequent viewings. The positive reactions from potential buyers were overwhelming. Many commented on the exquisite taste in design and the seamless flow of the space. And yes, the apartment sold faster than I could have ever imagined, and I attribute a significant part of this success to the incredible work done by Nicole and her team at HuggyHomey.

    If you're looking to elevate the aesthetics and market value of your property, I wholeheartedly recommend HuggyHomey. Their dedication, creativity, and genuine passion for what they do set them apart. Thank you, HuggyHomey, for turning my listing into a captivating haven that not only attracted buyers but also left a lasting impression on me. Your exceptional service has made a world of difference, and I am forever grateful.
    Judith Tham, PropNex Realty Pte Ltd
  • "I have contacted many Home stagers but none come close to the efficiency and good service attitude of HuggyHomey.

    Nicole was quick to respond and was even willing to go down to site to access and make her recommendation. More importantly, she executed fast on the request.

    We materialised everything within a week and in less than 2 weeks, the house is sold! I strongly recommend HuggyHomey!"

    Jenny Hui, Singapore Realtors Inc SRI
  • "It has been a pleasant experience working with HuggyHomey! They are always very patience, responsible and meticulous in their planning. It’s my first time staging with HuggyHomey and I am very impressed by their work attitude with my client and they are always responsive.

    The best part is that we took only 1 week, from agreement to staging and we managed to secure 7 groups of potential buyers and we managed to secure 3 offers and we managed to sell the house at a record price above the 1 million mark.

    This is all thanks to HuggyHomey for styling it with such beautiful pieces of furnitures that impresses the buyers and that capture their attention."
    Louis Tay, OhMyHome Pte Ltd
  • "Six star hotel style of staging by Nicole and team! Hope to create more miracles with your good company! 美!"

    Jack Tok, Knight Frank Singapore
  • "What we love about HuggyHomey is that they approach every staging project with passion.

    With Nicole always on top of things, they have staged hundreds of living spaces, but approaches every new space with a fresh eye and attention to detail. She is a problem solver who turns potentially awkward spaces into design features!

    After HuggyHomey worked their magic, a house truly becomes a home. We are blessed to have met Nicole and look forward to a fruitful long term partnership with her!"

    Alvina and Tatiana Teh, ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd
  • "No words can describe the talent Nicole has. How she is able to restyle a dated HDB unit into a modern artistic gem; from a minimal concept, the team transformed the unit into a glamorous home. Someone who is not afraid to play with colours and utilise every corner and space of a unit.

    Definitely someone to work with in this competitive real estate market. To more projects and partnerships."

    Nurfarhana Hanafi‎, PropNex Realty Pte Ltd
  • This is my first home-staging experience and I am glad to put it in the hands of HuggyHomey. Nicole and Anne are very responsive and we were able to get the home staged within a short period of time.

    Their style is impeccable and I have received many good feedback from buyers for the styling of this unit. One buyer even wanted us to include the rented furniture with the sale of the house.

    As an agent, I couldn't ask for a better partner than Nicole and team. Not only for their professionalism, excellent styling and strong expertise, but for their hearts in helping agent to succeed in their sale. HuggyHomey really went above and beyond for me to seal the deal at a record price for this unit.
    Priscilla Low, Huttons Asia Pte Ltd
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