2024 - The year we share more of what we do

2024 - The year we share more of what we do

When you see our gallery, it feels like we are a powerhouse of many many notable home staging projects.

Projects that we have had the pleasure of staging. Projects with clients who have come to trust us over the years! Shoutout to you guys! Back to these projects – it's not just because they were beautiful properties (and we do like to see beautiful houses) but more that we usually and professionally-speaking always leave them looking irresistible! As one client magnanimously praised us for:

"Transforming Spaces with Expertise and Care. Their exceptional services not only met but exceeded my expectations in every way possible. What struck me most was their impeccable attention to detail. They had an incredible knack for understanding the unique personality of the apartment and the potential it held. It was evident that they took the time to listen to craft a vision for the space, and then skilfully translated this into a beautifully staged setting that left me in awe."

This and many more reviews left us humbled and busy as well. And so, it's been too long since our last blog! After a brief chat with a dear friend today morning, we have decided that it's about time we put this blog space to good use and share with our clients and friends more about home staging!

Being in the business of home staging for 7 years, we have encountered a fair share of ups and downs as well as being misunderstood for what we do. We owe it to ourselves to change "...no, apologies but we're not a furniture rental company" to "What we do is to stage your home so it will look like something out of an upmarket interior design magazine. That way, you can sell it faster...."

Before I can say "...and the rest is history", I figured it would be kinder to share more home staging stories with the vision that the idea of home staging in Singapore would be clear as day soon!

So please join me by liking our Facebook page or Instagram and have a leisurely read, from time to time. In fact, being a Singaporean as we are – buying, renting, selling houses – I am sure some of these stories will be helpful to you or your family and friend one day. And on those occasion that someone or yourself are selling or leasing a property, this would turn out to be a sweet journey!

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