Stay Safe, Work Safe: Good News Beyond Phase 1

Stay Safe, Work Safe: Good News Beyond Phase 1

Hello Property Agents and Investment Homeowners! Thanks to technology, our services and operations are largely unaffected by the Circuit Breaker measures. Browsing and liaising online with us enable all of us to stay safe as we discover new ways to push forward.

We realise that we are fortunate to be in this position. Many clients have come in touch with Nicole, our Creative Director and she has this to share: "As we endure the heat of our little island of Singapore, many can sense a deep chill of the economic winter ahead. Throughout my few encounters with economic crises and uncertain times, I felt the need to do more than just saying: “Our thoughts are with you.” So in the same spirits of things as before, here are three things I am offering to our existing and new clients alike. I hope with these and our team's efforts, we can make the difficult times we’re all facing that bit easier".


A few Good News to start the ball rolling, with more details below

  1. We are enabling our Virtual Reality services earlier than expected
  2. We are able to stage your properties to market with safety in mind
  3. We are keeping our property staging period flexible to make sense for you

Good news #1 : Virtual Reality Services with Matterport
Not a new word but a whole new world that everyone can become familiar with ease. Our enlisted Matterport service personnel will ensure your potential buyers can view your listed properties virtually on the browsers and VR devices via all major property portals and even your websites. What's more, you will be surprised to hear our base cost for this service! 

Good news #2 : Property Staging Services
Our team continues to be vigilant and co-operative as we are fully aware there would be some hiccups to overcome, especially during this period. Clients who have staged with us would recall how they had been able to leave us their access passes or main keys and show up at the end of our workday to view their property staged, transformed and ready for Open House. Read our reviews here:

Good news #3 : Property Staging Period
Shorter staging period = lower cost for you. That is really IT! Before the end of June 2020, zero Open House or viewings means it makes no sense for the staging to be physically there. Pairing with our Virtual Reality Services, you may stage, scan, view, take your photos/videos and remove within 10 days. Alternatively, you may continue to stage for the entire month to conduct virtual tours and enjoy our 30% off for all property staging packages.

What we have mentioned are available from now till when Singapore returns to Dorscon Green or better. Simply WhatsApp us using the icon at the bottom right of the screen to initiate the conversation. Naturally, if you know of others who can use our team’s help, you’re more than welcome to direct them to this page.

Nicole and The HuggyHomey Team 

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