Home Staging benefits everyone - Singapore Edition

Home Staging benefits everyone - Singapore Edition

Home Staging is relatively new to Singapore but not to Singaporeans. With an understanding that "when potential buyers see something beautiful, they are attracted to it indefinitely", we want to embrace the notion that home staging can be the light at the end for informed property sellers and realtors.

As a premium home staging company, we have had many successful case studies of public and private properties' transactions. One thing is for certain: sellers have shared that the small investment made on home staging has been well-spent for the results it garnered. Consequently, their real estate agents have been able to maximise our photography of well-staged properties for a much more eye-catching listing and inevitably a wider reach! This key differentiation, of being able to pull in stronger and broader appeal to a bigger number of potential buyers or tenants, has been our strongest proposition. It has propelled us to push our boundaries to create more impactful stage-to-market packages.

The response from a lot of our clients confirmed that home staging enabled swifter closings of the staged properties whilst holding its selling price, bearing in mind other factors of its location, time, tenure and etc. That said, when we can inspire potential buyers of their lives in these properties-for-sale, we have made a difference to their final decision. Home Staging benefits everyone because it maximises the value for sellers, it showcases a quality property and enables a faster transaction cycle.

The best time to have your home staged is the moment you make the decision to sell. Our home staging session can kick start with a consultation to ascertain our next steps on sprucing up your property. Staging your home costs less than making the first reduction in price or accepting a lowball offer. On the contrary, you are more likely to get your asking price and maximize your investment if you home stage.

Let's start transforming your home to prepare it for its prospective buyers and entice them to make an offer. Click here to view how our home staging designs can elevate your property marketing.

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