Love Yourself, Love Your Home

Love Yourself, Love Your Home

There is nothing more rewarding about loving yourself than creating a beautiful home that nurtures and inspires you. For the one place that you call home, you should always feel loved and at peace whilst in it. Allow it to be a space that feeds your spirit.

Fill it with things you love. Sometimes it’s the little things such as an art print that brings you memories of your memorable trip or a coffee cup, though strangely looking that reminds you of that wonderful afternoon you spent making it with your best friend.

Everything around us is made up of energy. The more positive energy you can immediately experience the minute you wake up, the better. Go through your home room by room and look at each object one at a time. If something is not serving you, let it go. Donate it or sell it off.

Give your home life with low-maintenance and forgiving houseplants. Place them with loved objects and art prints and start to turn your home into a supportive, loving sanctuary. There are many things in the world that are less than loving and often you feel you can’t control those things, but you can control your home environment by choosing to live with what you love.

The same qualities that you create in your home — love, peace, joy, inspiration — will be the same qualities that you experience in your life.

Have a Huggy Valentine’s Day!

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