Perhaps not, COVID-19

Perhaps not, COVID-19

It seems simple – Stay/Work/Study at home.
Yet it could become unbearable.
And it could get worse….
Acting on natural human instincts:
We could perhaps tell ourselves we do not need to stay home like 100% of the time or even 70% is the max!
We could perhaps lie to ourselves we know for certain we are safe outdoors. 
We could perhaps assume we would return to our loved ones without worries.
We could perhaps be convinced if there is still some people on the streets, it’s relatively ok.
But the reality is we no longer know.
Our human instincts and knowledge have failed many till date.
We only know we are fighting a virus we don’t know enough of.
We only know it’s hurting countless businesses and lives but let’s take a breath and see if we can see this differently.
We can turn on our other pre-programmed survival instincts and let’s try to:
Slow our pace down.
And remind ourselves how crucial this circuit breaker can be to the old, little and weak ones.
Slow our controlling power down.
And remind ourselves how we prefer simply spending time with our loved ones.
Slow the flow of negativity in us.
And remind ourselves how we can close the gaps we did not have time for our work and studies.
Slow our spendings.
And remind ourselves of our self-worth and learn a new skill instead.
Slow our individual wastage.
And remind ourselves to learn how to better recycle, reuse and reduce.
Slow our bodies down.
And remind ourselves to increase our health level (this is a big one even for me!)
Slow our time down.
And remind ourselves of our priorities.
Choose another thing to slow down if we have to.
Just so we can deal with the time at home.
Gradually, the skies will clear and rainbows will once again be seen.
Just a year ago, we would read about streams of reports and warnings on global annihilation due to nuclear war and global warming. Perhaps after we slow everything down just a notch, we would finally sound convincing when we tell our kids that the earth was cleaner back when we were kids. 
Perhaps after we learn a new skill, we will be happier as people.
Perhaps after we show concern for strangers with social distancing, we will appreciate words of greetings from strangers more.
Perhaps after we start a habit of staying healthy, we will be a better ageing community.
Perhaps after we create a renewed lifestyle, we will develop new perspectives.

Perhaps once we stay home long enough:
The infected cases will decrease.

The number drop would give healthcare workers respite.

We will see that we are indirectly enabling the nation by reducing the complications so the scientists will be able to uncover to find the vaccine faster.

We will use less of the earth’s resources.

We will see we are saving lives.

Whatever the far-fetched reason we find for ourselves to stay home, let’s do that.
And then perhaps COVID-19 will not win.
Perhaps the death count will not pass a point where it starts to cripple a nation completely.
Perhaps many celebrations will not be forgotten and be picked up once the skies have cleared.
Perhaps you have overstayed, COVID-19.
Perhaps you will not be there in 2021.
Perhaps you will not be around too long to cause the death of many more loved ones.
So ya, perhaps not, COVID-19. You are not welcome.

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